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Vermont And Maine Named The Two Safest States In The Country

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According to 24/7 Wall Street, Vermont and Maine are the two safest states in America. 

Using the FBI’s 2013 Uniform Crime Report as a source, the site was able to narrow down the states that had the least number of violent crimes in the country in 2013 compared to the previous year. The report also concluded that the national number of violent crimes dropped 4.4 percent that year, and in the last decade there has been a 15 percent nationwide decrease in crime.

“A 4.4 percent reduction in violent crime is astonishing,” John Roman of the Urban Institute said. "If you saw a similar increase in GDP, or a similar decrease in unemployment, it would be huge national news."

Vermont’s rank as the safest state in the country is due in part by a 19 percent crime decrease in 2013 from 2012 – the largest in the country. Per 100,000 people, there were 115 crimes reported in the state, less than 100 of them being assaults. In addition, Vermont, Maine and Kentucky all reported less than two cases of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter.

Top 10:

1. Vermont

2. Maine

3. Virginia

4. Wyoming

5. Kentucky

6. New Hampshire

7. Idaho

8. Utah

9. Minnesota

10. Montana

Statistics from the report also showed that income and level of education, among other factors, were connected to the relatively low crime rates in all of the 10 states ranked.

According to the Huffington Post, “a typical household earned more than the national median household income of $52,250 in six of the 10 states last year,” with Kentucky being the exception. The state’s median income was less than $44,000.

The statistics also determined that citizens in the safest states were generally more highly educated than other states, with 90 percent of adults in seven of the states completing at least high school in 2013.

Vermont and Maine were followed in the list by Virginia and Wyoming in third and fourth place, with Kentucky, New Hampshire and Idaho taking fifth, sixth and seventh place respectively. Utah, Minnesota and Montana were named the eighth, ninth and 10th safest states in the nation.

Sources: Huffington Post, 24/7 Wall Street / Photo Credit:


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