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Venus Williams Cries While Questioned About Crash

Venus Williams Cries While Questioned About Crash  Promo Image

After being asked about the fatal Florida car crash she had been involved in, Venus Williams broke down in tears on July 3.

Despite having just won her first round match in two sets, the 37-year-old Williams grew emotional when reminded of the incident during the Wimbledon press conference, reports the Daily Mail.

"That's life, you can't prepare for everything," she said, before tearing up.

"I have no idea what tomorrow will bring," she continued. "That's all I can say about it. That's what I've learned."

Asked if there was any other comments she wished to make about the crash, she replied, "There's really no words to describe how devastating and ... yeah, I've been completely speechless."

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Williams eventually grew so distraught, she was forced to end the press conference early.

"I think we should go," said a crying Williams.

On June 9 , Williams drove out into the middle of an intersection, causing Linda Barson to hit her.

The crash claimed the life of Barson's husband, 79-year-old Jerome. Williams, whom Barson accuses of causing the accident, now faces a lawsuit.

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"I am devastated and heartbroken by this accident," Williams later wrote on a June 30 Facebook post. "My heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Jerome Barson and I continue to keep them in my thoughts and prayers."

Social media users were divided in their response to the crash.

"You killed an innocent person and hopefully you won't walk away free because of who you are," wrote one Facebook user on Williams' post. "Can't believe that you have the Gaul to still play in London. My prayers go out to the victims family and hope they get justice."

"I feel for the man who lost his life,& for his wife," agreed one Daily Mail reader. "How devastating for the family. I don't think their investigation is finished, & they haven't determined if she was at fault,but if she was,she needs to suffer the consequences."

However, the vast majority seemed to show sympathy for the tennis star.

"Venus, this is a shock to us all and I'm sorry to hear this," added another. "I'm sure it was an honest mistake and my condolences goes out to Mr. Barson's family, but we all know you're a compassionate and responsible person and this must hurt you."

Some chided the media for bringing up the question during Wimbledon in the first place.

"The media once again being insensitive," wrote one Daily Mail reader. "She has to deal with the situation that she caused, but this was neither the time or place to ask that question."

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