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Venomous Snake Being Pickled For Three Months Suddenly Awakens And Bites Woman

A Chinese woman was attempting to make a traditional healing liquor from scratch, but after the long process was finally complete, it literally came back to bite her.

Shejiu is liquor made by pickling a venomous snake in a bottle of alcohol. The venom in the snake is neutralized from the process, and practitioners of Chinese medicine say that it has healing properties.

The woman suffers from chronic joint pain, so in order to relieve her symptoms, she frequently takes shots of the shejiu. One day, as the woman opened the top to pour out more alcohol, the snake, which had been pickling in the jar for three months, jump out and attacked her. The venomous snake bit the woman on her finger.

“Before the shejiu could have any effect on me I was sent to the hospital for a snake bite,” said the woman.

The woman was released from the hospital not long after she was bit, and the snake was later killed.


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