Venezuelan Driver Shoots Would-Be Carjacker (Video)

A driver in Venezuela, who apparently keeps his gun in his SUV, shot an armed carjacker and scared away another.

The incident was caught on security footage right after the driver closed up his store. On the video, a car drives past slowly, likely casing the vehicle. Then as the driver gets into his car, a man in sweats comes from around the corner. He walks to the driver-side window and aims his gun at the driver. Moments later that would-be carjacker is lying shot on the ground.

Carjackings and car robberies are a common occurrence in Venezuela. In the capital and largest city, Caracas, “express” kidnapping, carjacking, robbery and home invasion make up the majority of crime there, according the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security. The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) 2012 safety report says there is an “alarming up-tick” in travelers targeted at Simon Bolivar International Airport by organized gangs.

Carjackings often occur around peak traffic hours and on entrances and exits to major roadways so that suspects can make a quick escape. Traffic jams are common in Caracas and often taken advantage of by criminals, including armed motorcycle gangs.

Source: Guns.com, OSAC.gov


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