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"Veggie-Shroud" to Appear in Catholic Church?

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By Karin Bennett

While we here in the States are focused on recently discovered godly gluten, the folks at PETA Germany have offered the Catholic Church the "Veggie-Shroud" to fill the void when the Shroud of Turin is retired on Sunday.

Debate abounds over the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin, but there's no mystery surrounding the powerful message put forth by the clearly defined slaughtered pig depicted in the "Veggie-Shroud": Animals who end up on a dinner plate "died for the diet sins of mankind."

While we wait to find out whether the Catholic Church will agree to display the "Veggie Shroud," won't you urge everyone you know to find savory salvation from the universal cruelty and unholy unhealthiness of flesh-based diets? Catholics, atheists, Muslims, and people of all faiths and views are coming together to say, "Praise Seitan!"


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