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Vegans to Score in Vegas and Beyond

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My husband's been plotting our vacation to Positano, Italy, but I'm proposing a road trip to Sin City, instead—and I know he'll be on board.

In fact, I have to think that just about every Veganist would be up for a scenic drive to Las Vegas and a chance to stop and sample the scrumptious vegan grub coming this summer to rest stops galore thanks to LYFE Kitchens—a new restaurant chain founded by two former McDonald's execs, with help from Chef Tal Ronnen. Our final destination: the Las Vegas Strip, specifically Steve Wynn's many casinos and resorts, all of which will reportedly become even more vegan-friendly, again thanks to Chef Tal.

snowpeak/cc by 2.0

Not only will we get our kicks on Route 66, we'll nosh at LYFE Kitchens along the way and "Wynn" big in Vegas with savory animal-free cuisine. My husband won't regret saying, "Ciao for now, Positano," when we chow down during our cross-country drive.

Any chance we'll see you along the way?

Written by Karin Bennett


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