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Vegan? Is it clever?

First I will introduce myself and apologize for my not so good english, because It's not my native language.

I started to think about how people are treating animals from early childhood. I never liked circus or zoo, I never ate much meat even when I'm from country with "meat and potatoes" food traditions. I never considered buying a dog, but adopted few stray dogs.

Recently I started to read Peta articles and I agree most of the times. I do not like fur or leather. I do not like animals kept at those big horrible farms. But... If I agree with most of Peta's thoughts about animals, do I have to become vegan?

Here are some of my thoughts about that and that's why I think veganism is sort of cheating:

1. There were always predators in nature. Humans are predators. Always been. We always ate meat. Of course not in such quantities like some of people eat now, but we always hunted. That's why we survived. Why do we have to change it? I think meat is nececary at some colder climat countries where are not so many vegetables and nuts, and other foods to keep body warm and safe during cold months.

2. Vegans say can not eat chickens, pigs and other animals, but they eat worms, bugs and etc. Why do we have to break that food chain wich was on earth from begining of life?

3. How do we feed our dogs if we do not buy meat? Don't say dog has to eat soy. I will not believe... And if we buy food for dogs, from where is that meat taken? And if it is the same meat some people eat, why can't I eat it, while my dog can?

Please answer these questions. I am open for various thoughts as I'm really concerned about animals used for unececery procedures and purposes. But I don't think people have to stop eating meat, fish and egs just because of love for nature and animals. I do not wear fur if I can wear something as warm as fur but synthetic. I do not buy leather goods. I do not go to circus, do not buy animal tested products. And even buy meat from local smal farms. But i eat meat once in a while. Not often (once in a week) but I need it for feeling good and for not being anemic (I tried not to eat meat and had anemia almost for two years).


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