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Vanderbilt Football Player Allowed Teammates to Rape His Girlfriend, Says Radio Host Erik Ainge (Audio)

Erik Ainge, a former Tennessee Volunteers quarterback, stated this morning on his radio show that a Vanderbilt football player allegedly allowed three of his teammates to rape the player's girlfriend.

Speaking on his Tennessee Sports Radio program, Ainge said he was given "reliable information" about the alleged crime, notes (audio below).

“It is four football players, one of whom had a girlfriend... girlfriend victim. The four players, that girl were out, they were drinking," claimed Ainge.

“They went back, boyfriend, Vandy football player, had sex with his girlfriend and then allowed his three drunk teammates with him to also have sex with his girlfriend, and she obviously did not want that to be the case.”

Ainge added: "...Very reliable information. No inclination as to anything, no names taken off websites, nothing. All I was told, four players, one girlfriend. The boyfriend let the three teammates also have their way."

According to The Tennessean, Nashville sex crimes detectives and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are investigating four unidentified Vanderbilt University football players who were kicked off the team and banned from the school on Saturday.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is examining evidence of the possible case in its crime lab. The alleged sexual assault occurred in a Vanderbilt dorm on June 23, say police.

Sources: and The Tennessean


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