Vandals Cover Florida Daycare Center with Swastikas, Set It on Fire

Little Leapers Childcare in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was closed on Monday after being vandalized over the weekend. Parents who were expecting to drop off their children at the day care center were shocked and outraged to learn that vandals had set fires and spray-painted swastikas at the school. They were also stuck with the difficult task of making other arrangements for their children on top of having to explain what happened.

On Sunday morning, owners of the center discovered three red swastikas and shattered windows. Other parts of the building, which serves as a church on weekends, were burned, charred and blackened by fire, reports NBC Miami.

“If they can do something like this, they don't have a heart,” said Rose Ellis, a parent of child who goes to Little Leapers. “They could've done it while the kids were there.”

“I was about to go to work and then drop my son and then now I know I have to call my job to let them know I'm gonna be late.” parent Marie Etienne said.

As if the vandalism wasn’t enough, cameras, music equipment and televisions were stolen. Owner Bishop Ivory Wilson said that he will reopen.

“I just believe God sent us here, and we’re not going to run. We’re just not going to run, man,” Wilson said. “This stuff right here, whatever game they’re playing, doesn’t frighten me.”

Ellis has a message for whoever did this to the center. “God is gonna get them,” she said. “God is gonna get them.” 

Source: (NBC Miami)


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