Vandals Are Burning American Flags in Texas (Video)


Seven American flags have been stolen and burned in Weatherford, Tx., since last Friday.

The fourth burned flag was found on Monday at Rowlee Johnson's home.

“We just drove up an hour ago and the fire was in the middle of the driveway,” Johnson told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth (video below). “We had no idea what had happened.”

According to the Associated Press, Fire Marshal Bob Hopkins says the flags were taken down from flag poles or homes, placed on driveways and streets, and burned by the vandal(s).

“We had one woman whose two sons are serving in Afghanistan,” Hopkins told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth. “She was very upset because that flag for a lot of people resembles their pride in their nation, their home, everything they believe in.”

Capt. Greg Lance, of the Weatherford Police Department, added, “With this many [burnings] and the way they’re laying out the flags and burning them, it seems like they’re trying to make a statement."

Sources: CBS Dallas-Fort Worth, Associated Press


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