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Vandals Leave Racial Slur, Nude Drawing On Woman's Car (Photo)

A Florida woman woke up to find the hood of her car vandalized with a naked woman and a racial epithet drawn in mustard.

"I felt like it was just a racist attack to me," said Winter Haven-based Cecilia Sanders, WFTV reports. 

Sanders works as a home health care provider and encountered the mustard drawing of the naked woman and racial epithet on the morning of Dec. 29. 

"I got scared, I know that because of course I’m black and the word said n****r," Sanders said.

Neighbor Tyrone James said he had had never felt unsafe in his neighborhood before. But he expressed concern over the incident. 

"It may be just some kids out doing whatever they’re doing, but the nature of what they did is more, I think it went past prank," said James, reports Bay News 9.

"That’s not a prank,” said Sanders. “That’s my life, I’m proud to be black but that’s my life and people need to take that into consideration."

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At least two other homes in the area were hit by the same vandals, officers of the Polk County Sheriff's Office affirm. 

The harassers wrote a vulgar word on a mailbox in mustard and dumped jelly and mustard on a few other cars in the neighborhood.

The Sherriff's Office is investigating the incident, which it has categorized as a case of vandalism.

Source: WFTV, Bay News 9 / Photo credit: Flickr via WFTV, Bay News 9

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