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Vancouver’s Injection Site "Ineffective and Cost Prohibitive"

Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. today reacted to the final report of Health Canada’s Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) indicating that INSITE’s drug injection site in Vancouver has proven ineffective and cost prohibitive. Drug Free America Foundation’s Executive Director Calvina Fay is urging the Canadian government to withdraw support for the pilot program.

“Based on the findings of the EAC report, it is clear that Vancouver’s drug injection site pilot program has been a complete failure in terms of effectiveness and costs,” said Professor Fay. According to the report, the Committee found no direct evidence that INSITE positively influenced overdose death rates, rates of addiction or rates of infection. Additionally, the report reveals that only a small percentage of intravenous drug users actually used the facility.

“By concluding the injection site experiment and focusing its energy and resources on treatment and prevention, I am confident that the government of Canada will be moving to a proven course of preventing needless death resulting from illegal drug use and addiction,” Fay concluded.



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