Vancouver College Graduate Creates Resume On 4-Pack Of Beer, Gets The Job

Determined to make it in an increasingly competitive job market, recent college graduate and graphic designer Brennan Gleason decided to print his resume on a pack of beer – and got the job.

“I’ve always been inspired by those wacky resumes, and I recently got into home brewing,” the University of the Fraser Valley graduate said. “And I thought: Why not put the two together?”

The idea came to Vancouver-based graphic designer earlier this year when he was given one of his last creative assignments in school: Design a work of self-promotion. Because he knew he’d be graduating in just a few months, Gleason decided to create a non-traditional resume that would give potential employers a sample of his personality and passions.

“At the end of our program, everyone is obviously looking for jobs in the industry,” Gleason said. “I sent about three of them out to places I knew I really wanted to get a job at and ended up getting a few offers right away.”

Gleason developed a smooth blonde ale with a 6.9-percent alcohol content, then printed a description of the beer and himself on the side of the container: “smooth, and elegant, with a bit of a wild side.” In addition, he included information about his experience and education on the back. Gleason even designed individual labels, custom bottle caps and a personal logo.

The idea was apparently a big hit since he received job offers immediately. In the end, he chose a digital marketing agency called Techtone and now works as the marketing agency’s creative director.

Since posting images of the idea online, Gleason has received additional job offers. However, the recent graduate said he doesn’t plan on making any moves for the time being, noting that he’s happy at Techtone.

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