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Van Dralan Dixson Apologizes For Two Of His Nine Sexual Assaults


Van Dralan Dixson, convicted of nine accounts of sexual assaults, claims that he regrets only two of the times that he raped women. Dixson expressed regret about “attacking a woman waiting with her kids for a bus and a fast food worker” when speaking with local police in Dallas, where the crimes were committed. 

“These are the two that affect me,” Dixson said.

The latter crime occurred earlier this month when the fast food worker was on her way home from work. Dixson approached the woman at around 4am, forcing her to perform oral sex and have intercourse with him after she initially resisted Dixson’s demands. The attacker possessed a gun that he used to force the woman into doing the things he demanded. The woman had informed police of the incident after it occurred, but Dixson’s confession was the evidence that the authorities needed to make an arrest.

After carrying out a string of sexual assaults on women in the Dallas area, where Dixson was the head of his neighborhood watch program, Dixson fled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He remained elusive to the authorities until he made a phone call a co-worker back in Dallas from his hotel room there. The co-worker passed Dixson’s information along to the police, who ultimately took him into custody in Texas.

Dixson informed investigators that the other seven instances of sexual assault were the result of botched prostitution deals. He did not express regret for those instances. He did, however, claim he was “sorry for everything” after detectives asked whether he was sorry for robbing the two women in question, according to Dallas's CBS 11 News. Dixson also robbed the women that he assaulted, claiming he needed the money to support his children.


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