Valley Manor Residential Care Facility Closes, Leaves Behind More Than A Dozen Elderly Patients

Some elderly residents were evacuated on Saturday from an assisted living facility in California that had closed on Thursday and left behind a number of patients.

Valley Springs Manor was evacuated Saturday afternoon after nearly all of its staff left the facility, which was still housing over a dozen patients, when it was shut down by the state days before, according to authorities, KTVU reported.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that according to Alameda County Sheriff's officials, the California Department of Social Services shut down the facility on Thursday and the majority of employees left, as they would not be receiving wages from then on.

Paramedics who arrived on the scene found bedridden patients attended by a handful of staff members who stayed to help them, despite not being paid. Sheriff's Sgt. J.D. Nelson said the staff members who stayed included a cook, janitor and a single caretaker who felt bad for the patients. Nelson said an investigation could potentially result in elder abuse charges.

Gawker notes that the facility's shutdown was probably not a surprise for those who had interacted with it. A review on the caring.com site that claimed to be written by a patient was published last month and stated:

"Check the public record for reasons this place has been fined several times for several things. The owner is not permitted on the property. Please keep looking. We have no nurses and the food is not conducive to balanced nutrition or diabetic needs."

Sources: Gawker, KTVU, San Francisco Chronicle


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