New Delhi Hotel Reportedly Avoiding Paying For Repairs After Valet Crashes Lamborghini (Video)


A New Delhi valet crashed a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder on Thursday, which can be seen in video footage from the Le Meridien hotel.

The footage shows Arun Kumar driving the car through a busy valet area in front of the hotel. As the car approaches other vehicles, it comes to a stop. Suddenly, the car accelerates and rams past another vehicle. The Lamborghini continues forward until it hits a cement barrier.

Kumar, a 10-year veteran, suffered minor head injuries. He was admitted to the hospital and checked out on the same day.

According to a friend of the car’s owner, the car had been parked by valets a number of times, and even the valet who crashed it had taken it to the parking lot safely during the same afternoon.

The car’s owner has claimed that the Lamborghini is worth nearly half a million dollars, due to the high cost of importing it. He also estimated the damage to be around $330,000.

Since the incident, the car’s owner has claimed that the hotel is trying to avoid the cost of repaying the damage. He has also filed a police report.

A hotel spokesperson, however, has claimed that the crash was an accident.

“We get all kind of luxury cars, important guests and hold outstanding events and this was something completely inadvertent,” the hotel spokesperson said.

According to the same source, the hotel has given Kumar leave until he recovers psychologically from the crash. When he returns, it’s unlikely he will be put back on valet duty.

Since the crash, a New Delhi luxury car dealer known as Big Boy Toyz has posted pictures of the event and encouraged luxury car lovers to convince the hotel to take responsibility.

“Keep sharing dear car lovers,” BigBoyToyz tweeted. “Let's make them take responsibility of this…”

Sources: The Huffington Post, Jalopnik


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