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Valessa Robinson Scheduled To Be Released From Prison After Serving 15 Years


Fifteen years after the teenage Valeesa Robinson became a media sensation for the murder of her mother and the trial that followed, the convicted criminal is scheduled to be released from prison where she's been held in Florida.

In 1998, Robinson acted along with her boyfriend Adam Davis and another friend, all of whom were allegedly on LSD at the time. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Robinson’s defense lawyer Dee Ann Athan called the combination of the unruly teenagers, the knife and the drugs “the perfect storm.” 

While Davis was sentenced to death for the murder, a conviction which the Florida Supreme Court upheld in 2008, Robinson was sentenced to 20 years. According to the AP, Robinson has been held in the Homestead Correctional Institution in Miami-Dade County. 

Robinson’s 1998 trial became a media darling for Athan’s unconventional methods to beat the conviction. Robinson, who previously had dressed herself in baggy clothes and, according to publications such as The Tampa Bay Times, represented a “thug” image, wore schoolgirl clothes to her trial in order to emphasize her innocence. Unfortunately, the teenager was not innocent, and she served out the majority of her sentence. 

The details as to how Robinson’s life outside of prison is to continue remains unclear, but her release is a reminder of the brutal murder in which she participated as well as the media sensation that was her trial. She is scheduled to be released on Friday.


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