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Valdosta State University Flag Protester Confronted By Retired Sergeant Major (Video)

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A protestor at Valdosta State University was confronted by a man identified as a retired sergeant major, resulting in a heated exchange over the American flag. The students have been protesting race relations and some students had trampled a flag on April 24.

In a video posted online (below), a veteran appears to confront the protester after he reportedly stood on an American flag at a protest at the university in Voldosta, Georgia.

“If you know my heritage, I guaran-damn-tee you,” the veteran said to the protester, "we’ll set you straight.”

The protestor quickly began talking back to the vet, which made him angry.

“Don’t you ever f******* disrespect my flag, do you understand me?” the vet said. “I might go burn one tomorrow,” the protester replied.

“Well, I tell you what m***********,” the vet yelled. “You just try it over my dead body. Do you f******* understand me?”

“What’s up, bro? Hit me, bro,” the protester said.

“I’m not going to hit you,” the vet responded. “I’m not going to waste my energy. Don’t you ever f****** disrespect my flag again. Do you understand me, maggot?” The intense confrontation seemingly ended after a man intervened.

Viewers on LiveLeak expressed their mixed feelings towards the incident.

“Hey, if you use your freedom of speech to do something as outrageous as stepping on a national flag or similar symbol (any nations), don't be surprised when some patriot of that nation uses his same right to tell you what a piece of s*** you are,” one viewer said.

“So if this guy fought for our country he fought for Freedom of Speech right?” another argued.

Watch the intense video below.


Sources: LiveLeak, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screen Shot Via YouTube

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