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Va. 5th Grader Brings Marijuana to School, Says He Took it from Dad to Help Him Quit

A Virginia fifth grader found himself in a bit of hot water recently when he got caught by school officials in possession of marijuana. Normally, kids who get caught with illicit substances at Driver Elementary in the City of Suffolk face expulsion. No exceptions.

What makes this story a little bit different, however, is the fifth grader’s excuse for bringing that pot to school.

According to WAVY, the fifth grader said the only reason he had the marijuana with him that day was to keep it away from his dad, who is apparently trying to quit.

Regardless, the kid now faces expulsion.

“Policy is policy, but I do think they need to check into the situation more,” said former teacher Jonathan Lewis in an interview with WTKR.

“Today is a different day in age. I can’t imagine that happening. It obviously seems young, but I mean, but they’re so exposed to everything nowadays. I mean who knows what the child’s homelife is like and what kind of exposure they’re getting besides drugs.”

The fifth grader will have an expulsion hearing at some point within the next 10 days.

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