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Washington Utility Workers Find Kids Living In Sewer

A Washington engineering manager says a group of children were discovered living in a sewer.

Ken Miller has been with the Lakehaven Utility District for 30 years, and says he’s never seen anything quite like this.

Meter readers noticed an open manhole in a street in Federal Way, Washington, on Aug. 26, KIRO reported.

"They pushed the manhole closed, and then later on they came back and the manhole was open," Miller said.

The meter readers contacted Lakehaven Sewer District. A crew was sent to investigate, and when it arrived, members found clothes, food, toys and other belongings.

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The crew came into contact with a group of children who said they were living in the manhole.

"This should not happen at all," Miller told the news station. "This is where all our [waste] goes from our houses and our businesses."

Miller added that the manhole had limited oxygen and also possibly had vermin and potential gasses. He said crews generally enter the manhole wearing protective equipment.

The items were removed from the sewer and the children were told not to return to the manhole, Mad World News reported.

"No one should be down there ... this could have been life and death," Miller explained.

Sources: KIRO, Mad World News / Photo credit: KIRO via Mad World News

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