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Utah Woman Wanda Denhalter Awoken When Boulder Slams Into Bedroom

Instead of sleet, rain or snow, there was a different kind of precipitation falling in St. George, Utah on Saturday morning - boulders.

Wanda Denhalter had a rocky wake-up call when a 12-by-nine-foot rock slammed into her bedroom. The 63-year-old was stuck inside the room but was in a position where she could call 911 for help. According to The Daily News, she suffered multiple injuries, although it could have been a lot worse.

Lucky as she may be, Denhalter’s injuries are not simple flesh wounds. After being rescued, she was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery on a cracked jaw and a broken sternum. She was also treated for minor gashes on her leg and is expected to make a full recovery.

Wanda’s husband wasn’t home at the time and when he was first contacted by authorities, it took him a while to realize the sort of accident that had occurred. Denhalter told CBS affiliate KUTV: “The officer told me she had been in an accident and she recently bought a car and that’s what I thought happened. It took me a while to get my arms around (what actually happened).”

Mr. Denhalter says that boulders atop the ridge above the backyard of the house were a concern for him when the couple moved into the house back in December. It is unclear what caused this particular boulder to come crashing down, but Denhalter speculated to the St. George Spectrumthat water may have had something to do with it. “It’s been kind of leaking into the fissures and cracks of the ridge, and I think last night when the water froze it (boulder) snapped and down it came,” he said.

He won’t be able to hear his wife’s side of the story just yet. As a result of the damage to her jaw, it is currently wired shut.


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