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Utah White Supremacist On Trial For Killing Baby Sitter With Drug Overdose

A white supremacist accused of murdering his 16-year-old baby sitter with a drug overdose appeared in a Utah court Wednesday looking different than his first messy appearance in 2012.

Eric Millerberg, 38, was led into court in Ogden and faces charges of homicide for the 2011 murder of Alexis Rasmussen, who babysat for his children, the Daily Mail reports.

Millerberg unkempt beard was gone, while he donned a yellow tie and navy suit that hid his neck tattoo that read “Death,” an indication of his membership to the Silent Aryan Warriors.

Prosecutors allege that Millerberg had a sexual relationship with his wife, Dea Millerberg, and Rasmussen and gave her a lethal cocktail of heroin and methamphetamine that led to her death.

Dea Millerberg, 40, is expected to testify against him this week. She filed for divorce in 2012 and is awaiting trial on charges of desecration of a dead body, according to court records.

Defense lawyer Randall Marshall asked the jury to review the evidence, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

At his April 2012 preliminary hearing, Eric Millerberg said the couple panicked after Rasmussen accidentally died, so they dumped her body in an isolated area of Morgan County, Utah. The body was found five weeks later.

“He put her in a garbage bag,” deputy Weber County attorney Chris Shaw told the jury, pointing at Eric Millerberg. “She died in his home after he injected her with heroin and methamphetamine. That's what the evidence will show.”

“Millerberg did nothing to try and save this young girl,” said Shaw according to KSL. “He did not call 911, he did not try to involve police or call an ambulance. He did not take her to the hospital. He did nothing.”

Millerberg is charged with felony child abuse homicide, obstruction of justice, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and abuse and desecration of a human body.

A previous anonymous member of Millerberg’s racist gang, identified now as Eric Smith, became disgusted by his behavior involving young girls and drugs that he has is believed to be the police informant who tipped them off to the location of the body.

Detective Mike Tribe said that Rasmussen’s corpse was found kneeling face down, covered in brush in a rural area of Morgan County. Her neon toe nail polish, ankle bracelets and jawline helped in identifying her.

Dea Millerberg says that Rasmussen started babysitting for the couple’s two daughters in spring 2011.

They became friends with the teen and began drinking alcohol and smoking weed before Rasmussen requested trying harder drugs like methamphetamine and heroin. They even began paying her in meth.

A month before her death in August, Rasmussen reportedly wanted to become sexually involved with the married couple.

“Eric and I started kissing and having sex. Then Alexis jumped in,” Millerberg told the court.

On the evening of September 10, 2011, the couple was going to go birthday shopping for their daughter, so they wanted Rasmussen to babysit. But neither babysitting nor shopping happened.

Eric got Rasmussen high as soon as she arrived at the house, injecting her once with heroin and twice with meth in the neck and arm.

When she was “as high as she had ever been Dea and her husband performed oral sex on each other. She says that Rasmussen did not take part in the encounter.

The drugs had a negative effect on Rasmussen soon after and she began “freaking out.” She was reportedly disoriented and cold, so she took a warm bath in the couple’s master bedroom.

The Millerbergs checked on her 45 minutes later to find that she was still cold. Dea wrapped her in a blanket and told her to lie down.

The couple left for a smoke, and returned about 30 minutes later to find that she wasn’t responding.

“She wasn't breathing. She had mucousy stuff coming out of the right side of her mouth,” said Dea Millerberg, who was a licensed nurse and tried to resuscitate Rasmussen unsuccessfully.

“It really was a panic. The idea of it was, we will lose our kids and go to jail, and there was nothing we could do to bring her back,” she told the court.

Eric Millerberg was on parole at the time for burglary and firearm charges, and was part of the Silent Aryan Warriors.

Dea Millerberg says they put Rasmussen’s body into a foot locker which the couple moved into a box in the trunk of their car.

They left Rasmussen’s purse in one dumpster with the box holding her body, and put the carpet from the car in another dumpster “in case there was any evidence on it.”


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