Utah Teacher's Gun Goes Off In School Bathroom, Wounds Leg


A Utah teacher was wounded after her gun went off in a school bathroom Thursday, shattering the toilet.

Michelle Ferguson-Montgomery was rushed to the a Salt Lake City hospital with shards of the toilet in her leg, said Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsely.

“This just appears at this point in time to be an accident,” Horsely said.

The sixth-grade teacher at Westbrook Elementary School was in good condition Thursday afternoon.

Horsely would not comment on whether she would face disciplinary action over the incident.

Under Utah state law teachers are allowed to carry concealed weapons in school and they are not required to disclose that they are armed. Administrators are prohibited from asking if a teacher is carrying or barring them from bringing the weapon into school.

The Granite School District reportedly requires that teachers who are armed carry their gun on them at all times, including while using the bathroom.

Ferguson-Montgomery has a permit for the gun, the New York Daily News reported. She’s been a teacher at the elementary school for 14 years.

Miriam Walkingshaw, co-founder of Utah Parents Against Gun Violence, told the Associated Press that the incident “is exactly what we are working against.” Walkingshaw says teachers with guns pose a greater risk to children than any event the teachers hope to prevent.

Crisis counselors were available at the school Thursday, Horsely said.

No faculty or students witnessed the shooting, according to ABC News.

Sources: New York Daily News, ABC News

Image source: Flickr Creative Commons / m01229, AP / Kristin Murphy


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