Utah School Refuses To Allow Student Attend 'Couples Only' Dance Solo

A Utah student who was planning on attending her school’s Valentine’s Day dance with her two friends was turned away because it was “for couples only.”

Josee Stetich, Mikayla Robertson, and Shivani Lindmeir, who are all 18-year-old seniors at Bountiful High School, all wanted to go to the “Sweethearts Dance” as friends, the Daily Mail reports.

But when they arrived at the Utah State Fairgrounds in Salt Lake City, school officials allowed only Lindmeir and Robertson to go because they had bought tickets together. Stetich could not attend by herself.

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“They said ‘No, you can't come in, because you don't have a date,’” Stetich told KUTV

Stetich said she tried to pay the $30 couple's ticket price, but administrators wouldn't budge.  

“I didn't get asked to the dance, which is fine,” she said. “I love hanging out with my girls. It would've been fun.”

Bountiful’s principal, Greg Wilkey, confirmed that the dance was “couples only,” but the girls were “hoping for a pass.”

“We got our hair done, put on nice gowns and Josee even bought new shoes,” Robertson told ABC News. “We wanted to look our best and be dressed and ready as though we would have had a date.”

Assistant Principal Sue Baylis told the principal that the teens had left “voluntarily” and without incident after getting a ticket refund. The trio toured the nearby Hatch Family Chocolates factory instead.

“It ended up being great night,” Lindmeir said. “So I’m not too bummed.”

The girls and their parents are still calling for a change in policy.

Sources: Daily MailKUTVABC News / Photo Credit: Josee Stetich/Instagram


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