Utah Mother Arrested After Police Find Seven Infant Bodies Stuffed In Garage Boxes


Utah resident Megan Huntsman has been arrested on six murder charges in a case that sounds straight out of a horror movie script. Hunstman, 39, is charged with killing seven of her own babies and storing their bodies in boxes in her garage.

Police believe Hunstman gave birth to the babies over a span of 10 years from 1996-2006. The bodies were discovered when her estranged husband was cleaning out his garage recently. Huntsman lived in the house until three years ago when the couple separated.

Police are frantically working to uncover how Huntsman could have carried out so many infant murders despite appearing to be living a completely normal life to all around her. According to police, even her husband had no idea about the killings.

“We don’t believe he had any knowledge of the situation,” Police Capt. Michael Roberts said.

When asked how her ex-husband, Darren West, could have been unaware of her multiple failed pregnancies, Roberts said “that’s the million dollar question. Amazing.”

DNA samples from all seven of the infant bodies have been sent to the Utah medical examiner’s office to confirm that West and Huntsman are parents of the children as police believe.

The case has left the quiet Utah County suburban neighborhood in shock.

"It makes us so sad, we want to cry," neighbor Kathie Hawker said. "We enjoyed having them as a neighbor. This has just blown us away."

Police Capt. Roberts says the case has been extremely emotionally draining to all involved.

"My personal reaction? Just shocked. Couldn't believe it. The other officers felt the same,” Roberts said. “They got more and more shocked each box they opened.”

Sources: Huffington Post, Independent


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