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Mother Who Left Surprise In Son’s Sippy Cup Learns Her Fate

A Utah woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison on Tuesday for accidentally putting methadone into her son’s sippy cup, which caused his death.   

Jill Goff, 33, was given the maximum amount of time in prison though attorneys on the case asked for the judge to be more lenient with her sentence, according to the NY Daily News.

In January, Goff reportedly gave liquid methadone to her son by accident when she filled his sippy cup from a Gatorade bottle she kept beside her bed. Until her 2-year-old son Aiden became sick, she did not remember that the bottle had contained her prescription for methadone.

After Aiden vomited from the drink, she put him to bed for a nap, but he died in his sleep.

"It doesn't appear (that Goff) intentionally gave methadone to (her) children,” said Judge Robert Adkins.

The mother pleaded guilty to child abuse homicide.

Two other children were also hospitalized because of the liquid methadone in the cup. The children were ages 5 and 8.

Prosecutor Gary Searle said he thought Goff’s actions were an accident. He did not seek a prison sentence for the mother.

"It's not going to bring her child back," Searle said. "It's not going to serve any purpose … but (to) satisfy the lust for revenge.

Source: NY Daily News


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