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Utah Mom is Distraught Over Leaving Her Baby to Die in Hot Car

A Utah mother is suffering from grief after causing the death of her 11-month-old baby girl Friday by accidentally leaving her alone in her car for hours in 90-degree temperatures, reports Daily Mail.

April Suwyn, 32, reportedly changed her usual routine that morning, and instead of dropping her daughter Skyah off with a neighbor while she drove her two sons to their babysitter, she brought the baby with her. On her way back, April says she needed to use the restroom and, because of construction work on her street, parked a few blocks away from her home. 

She says she mistakenly left Skyah in her car seat and dashed into her house to use the bathroom. Having thought she put her daughter down for a nap, she didn’t return to her car until 1 p.m., at which point she was horrified to discover her baby was unresponsive.

Skyah was rushed to Dixie Regional Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Some are criticizing the mom, whose child is reportedly the twentieth this year to die from heatstroke after being left in a car. Suwyn and her husband Micah have chosen not to make a statement at this time, but Suwyn's sister, Aimee Wright, says that anyone who suspects the mom isn’t feeling remorse over this has it all wrong.

“It was an accident,” Wright told the Deseret News. “If people who are being negative could even see how hard she is on herself. If they could see that she keeps saying, ‘If only. If only. If only. I wouldn’t have been out of my routine that day. If only I had gone to the gym.’ She blames it all on herself.”

The woman’s family and friends united to create GoFundMe and Facebook pages to honor the little girl and raise money for the family. Since Friday they have collected more than $13,000.

“She doesn’t need the negative,” Wright continued. “It’s eating her away. It’s eating the family away. She’s a good mom and she made one simple mistake that she’d take back in a heartbeat.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Deseret News

Photo Credit: GoFundMe


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