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Utah Man Given Bogus Loitering Citation By Police, Catches It All On Video

A man was recently harassed by Utah police before being written a seemingly baseless loitering citation.

In the video, a police officer approaches the man filming and asks him if he is smoking. When the man doesn’t answer, the police officer asks for his I.D.

“Do I need to show I.D.?” the man asks, to which the officer replies, “Yes you do.”

“Do I need to show I.D. in the state of Utah?” he asks again.

Instead of answering his question, the officer calls for help and then tells the man that she needs to see his I.D. because he refused to answer whether or not he was smoking.

Throughout the entire stop, the man remains adamant that he was not smoking. At one point, he tells the officers that he doesn’t have any cigarettes on him, and says, “I’ve never smoked in my life.”

He repeatedly asked why he is being stopped (and eventually cited), but the officers don’t seem to be able to give him a concrete reason. At one point an officer tells him he will be cited for loitering. The man balked at this statement saying there are no possible grounds for him to be charged with. He tells the officers he’d been off the train for only a few minutes when the officer first approached him and asked if he was smoking.

Soon after, it becomes clear the man is going to charged by police. Sure enough, he was written a loitering citation. While the citation was being written, the man goes on a bit of a tangent about all police officers being parasites who need to get jobs on the free market.

When he refuses to sign his loitering citation, the officer tells him that not signing the form is a Class B Misdemeanor. All in all, the stop is another one of many shady interactions between citizens and police that we’ve become all too familiar with.

See the video for yourself here:


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