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Utah Man Claims Death Threat Against Interracial Family was Helpful (Video)

Robert Keller was sentenced to one year in prison on Monday for writing a threatening letter to an interracial family about their 13-year-old black relative.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Keller's letter read, in part: "There’s no little black girls to go out with, so our daughters are in line. I catch that n------ around my daughter, I’ll kill the ass---- and then go find what stupid person brought him here in the first place."

“I just said, ‘What’s gonna happen later on down the road, when this black kid starts chasing these girls?' Which I’ve seen,” Keller told KUTV in May (video below). “That’s what set me off. I saw him walking down the street with a white gal.”

"I hope you will come to regret that even more than you do today," U.S. District Judge Evelyn Furse told Keller, 71, during his sentencing on Monday.

According to prosecutors, Keller was upset when he saw the black teen walking with a white girl in Hurricane, Utah, last December, noted

However, Keller's apology for his expletive-filled, racist letter included a bizarre justification.

"I'll admit I lost my temper," Keller stated. "It wasn't really meant to be a threat; it was more or less to wake them up to what was going to happen down the road."

Keller pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor of violating the Fair Housing Act in September.

Judge Furse ordered Keller to pay a $1,000 fine and report to prison on Jan. 5.

"We constantly worry about it now and how this might play out in our neighborhood relationships," the mom of the family told The Salt Lake Tribune.

"Her kids and dogs walk past my house every night," countered Keller. "If they were afraid of me, what are they doing by my house?"

Sources: The Salt Lake Tribune,, KUTV


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