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Utah Legislator Hopes to Lure Beretta with Tax Cuts and Fewer Restrictions

Utah Senator Howard Stephenson (R) is hoping to lure gun manufacturers to the Beehive State by drafting legislation that will give breaks to Beretta and other gun companies.

Stephenson is reacting to the wave of gun control legislation that has been sweeping across the country. Beretta, a gun manufacturer that has been located in Maryland for centuries, recently announced that the company would move to another state to protest Maryland's strict gun control legislation.

A statement released by Beretta read, "The idea of now investing additional funds in Maryland and thus rewarding a government that has insulted our customers and our products is offensive to us so we will take steps to evaluate such investments in other states.” Lawmakers tried to modify the gun control legislation to appease Beretta, but the gun manufacturing company argued that the bill went "from being atrocious to simply being bad" – not nearly enough of a change to get them in Maryland.

Stephenson hopes that Beretta and other gun manufacturers will consider Utah as a new home. He revealed that he is planning to introduce new legislation that will provide tax breaks for gun manufacturers and reduce gun manufacturing restrictions.  

"This is all about jobs," Stephenson told the Daily Herald in Provo. "I'd like to put an invitation to all the fugitive arms manufacturers that Utah is open for business and welcomes them here."

Other lawmakers have already expressed their support for Stephenson’s plan, stating that they want to support Second Amendment rights and attract new jobs to the state.

As well intentioned as the Stephenson’s plan is, it might be too little too late. Other pro-gun states, such as Louisiana, have already moved on legislation that will make it easier for gun companies to set up shop. Stephenson’s bill will not be up for debate until lawmakers convene in January of 2014.

Source: VC Star


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