Utah Lawmaker Wants To Allow Guns On Trains, Buses

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According to Utah's hijacking law, someone can be charged with a felony if they carry a concealed gun or dangerous weapon onto a bus or train.

The Salt Lake Tribune notes that the current law exempts people with concealed weapon permits as well as folks who have permission from the owner of the bus or train.

However, Utah State Rep. Norman Thurston (R) is considering writing a bill that would allow people to carry a weapon on a bus or train without permission.

“You were perfectly fine walking down the street and then you get on a bus and now you’re a felon.” Thurston told the Associated Press. “You’re not doing anything different.”

“If it’s legal to be on the street, it should be legal to be on a bus,” Thurston added.

Miriam Walkingshaw of Utah Parents Against Gun Violence countered: “If their weapon isn’t secured safely, it’s just one of those incidents where I think the risk of something going wrong or someone deliberately using it in a bad way is higher than any change of it preventing any sort of crime.”

Sources: The Salt Lake Tribune, Associated Press / Image Credit: Staplegunther


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