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Utah Gun Range To Be Built Next To Shelter For Victims Of Domestic Violence

Utah lawmakers have approved plans for a gun range to be built next to a shelter for women who have experienced domestic violence, and the founders of the shelter are protesting it.

Don and Sue Kimbali built the shelter in memory of their daughter, Erin, and their two grandchildren, who were shot and killed by Erin’s husband in August 1983, according to The Mail.

“In that moment of insanity, a hole was torn in the soul of our family that remains so gaping that we still have difficulty breathing in the month of August,” the Kimballs wrote on a website they started for the shelter. “However, it led to our passionate commitment to assist families, like Erin’s, who are fleeing domestic violence with little or no resources – often merely the clothes on their backs.”

The shelter is still under construction, and is being built to house women and children in apartments after they have escaped violence at previous homes.

The Kimball couple said they are worried that the noise of gunshots will disturb the people in the shelter.

They said they want to ensure that women and families in general have a place to stay in their shelter.

The gun range is set to be constructed next to a gun shop, whose owners said that they think the women at the shelter could learn to shoot guns at the range to better protect themselves.

“We have met opposition from the proposed domestic violence victims shelter to the west of us,” the gun shop owners said on the shop’s website. “However we feel that we will bring safety and education to the area and help prevent such tragic acts.”

The Kimballs have filed a lawsuit against the city council for approving the gun range’s construction.

Source: Mail Online


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