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Utah Gun Lobbyist Can't Reclaim 300 Gun Stash After Domestic Abuse Charge

A judge ruled that Clark Aposhian, a professional firearms instructor and the chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, must stay away from all guns while the court considers a domestic violence charge.

Aposhian was arrested last month after Aposhian’s ex-wife accused him of driving to her home in a 2.5-ton Army truck and threatened to “bury” her new husband. The legal system responded by issuing a protective order on Aposhian, which prohibits him from keeping his firearms — all 300 of them.

And there’s a chance that he might never get them back.

A domestic violence convict can permanently lose his guns, concealed weapons permit and his concealed carry license under state law. It is not unreasonable to find pistols that sell for $300, which could put Aposhian’s 300-gun arsenal at about $90,000. That number is significantly higher if Aposhian’s guns include shotguns, rifles and assault weapons.

This is doubly troubling for Aposhian. As a firearm instructor, Aposhian losing the ability to be around firearms affects both his hobby and his livelihood.

At the same time, however, the state has to consider the rights of Aposhian’s ex-wife. Evidence suggests that Aposhian made a death threat, and there is also the issue of the civil stalking injunction filed by the husband of Aposhian’s ex-wife. To make matters more complicated, Aposhian’s 11-year-old daughter was present when he allegedly made the threat.

Aposhian’s lawyer argued that the suspect should have his guns returned because he needs them in order to work. The judge was unmoved stating that Aposhian could use a replica firearm when he teaches his classes.

This is a tricky case that is sure to stir up debate among gun owners. Should Aposhian be able to keep his firearms considering he spent so much money on them, and because his livelihood depends on them? Or does his alleged death threat trump everything else as the state investigate whether or not Aposhian poses a threat to his ex-wife? 

Source: Huffington Post


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