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Utah Father Arrested For Chaining 6-Year-Old Son To Bed

A Utah man was charged with child abuse on Tuesday after police found his 6-year-old son chained to a metal bed frame while he was at work.

Sammie Lee Hodges, 28, was booked into Cache County Jail on four counts of child abuse.

Authorities received an anonymous call about the boy around 11 a.m. Tuesday. Logan City Police entered the home through a window and found the boy inside, KUTV reported.

Logan City Police Chief Gary Jensen said officers "were able to go into the home and find the child in a downstairs room.”

"The child was physically chained to what I would call a metal pedestal, which holds a box spring and a mattress," Jensen said.

Jensen explained the boy was left with some snacks, water and slack in the chain which allowed him to reach a nearby bathroom.

The chief said, "It was a heavy logging style, towing style chain. It was a heavy chain padlocked on each end.”

Neighbors told KUTV that they did not know much about Hodges or the woman who shares the rented home with him.

Neighbor Ike Buckley said there are four children who live in the home with Hodges: the boy, two 8-year-old twin girls, and an older boy, perhaps 10 years old. Buckley said the children did not appear to be abused and would often stop at his house to ask for sweets.

“He would just knock on the door and say, 'Can I have a treat?'" says Buckley.

The boy is now in the care of the Utah Department of Children and Family Services.

Sources: Yahoo! News, KUTV, UPI


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