Utah Family Finds Tiny Kitten Under A Foot Of Snow, Resuscitates It (Video)


A video (below) showing a rescued kitten that was frozen in a foot of snow on Thanksgiving morning will melt your heart.

The amazing clip was posted to social media after the cute little kitten was saved by a benevolent family on holiday in a cabin in Bear Lake, Utah, the Daily Mail reports.

One of the family members even did CPR on the feline for over an hour in an effort to save it. The video was filmed by Branden Bingham and starts with his younger brother running into the cabin with the cat after Bingham’s son discovered it in a foot of snow.

They sprint to a fire and start to perform CPR on the kitten. But after many futile attempts, Bingham says, “I think he’s gone,” and stops recording over apprehensions about filming a dead animal.

And then a miracle happens.

After taking his children back outside to play in the snow “and forget about their sad start to their Thanksgiving” Bingham says that when they came back inside, the kitten was alive and well and being nursed in a blanket by a family member.

“Throughout the day,” a caption on the film reads, “he regained consciousness, mobility and appetite.”

The filmmaker’s cousin took the cat to a veterinary clinic for shots and then took it home.

The family named it Lazarus, after the Biblical character who was resurrected by Jesus.

The Binghams posted the video to their Facebook page and it has reportedly been viewed more than 1,000 times.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Branden Bingham via Daily Mail

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