Little Girl Covered In Dirt And Blood Discovered During Traffic Stop

Utah police say a young girl is now safe in the custody of Division of Child and Family Services workers after she was found covered in dirt, with blood on her face, during a Tuesday traffic stop.

A Davis County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over the car Tuesday because the vehicle had an improperly displayed temporary permit, The Standard Examiner reports.

The male driver gave the officer a fake name and said he did not have any identification, according to arrest documents.

The officer’s report indicates he suspected both the driver and an adult female passenger to be under the influence of drugs. 

But, according to the documents, the officer was also concerned about the young girl who was seen “lying on her side in a booster seat, was pale, shaking, covered in dirt, and had blood around her nose and mouth.”

“I almost called an ambulance at that time as I believed the child to be neglected, possibly abused,” the officer’s probable cause statement reads, according to KSTU News.

The officer arrested the driver on suspicion of DUI after he failed a field sobriety test. 

The driver, who eventually gave his real name to the deputy, has been identified as 42-year-old Jayson Sisam. 

Sisam reportedly admitted to having first given the officer the name of his father-in-law. Once properly identified, police found that Sisam had multiple warrants out for his arrest, as well as a suspended driver’s license.

Police identified the adult female passenger as Tenesha Cole Simmons, 28, who, they said, also has multiple warrants out for her arrest. 

A subsequent search of the vehicle and Simmon’s purse turned up “a cigar container with meth,” as well as another individual’s driver’s license and blank checks, according to arrest documents.

Sisam was arrested on multiple charges including DUI with a child in the vehicle, child endangerment, giving false information to police, and driving with a suspended license, according to KSTU.

Simmons has been charged with child endangerment, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful possession of another’s ID, and possession of stolen property. 

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They were both last reported to be in custody in the Davis County Jail. 

The Davis County Attorney’s Office said it is reviewing the case before filing formal charges. 

It remains unclear if the young girl is related to either Sisam or Simmons. She remains in DCFS custody.

Sources: Standard Examiner, KSTU News

Photo Credit: KSTU News


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