Dad Sets Up Sting After Teen Daughters are Solicited for Sex, Two Men Arrested

Alexander Navidad-Hernandez allegedly solicited two teen sisters outside a grocery store in Orem, Utah on Wednesday.

According to police, Navidad-Hernandez handed the unidentified sisters, ages 14 and 16, a five-dollar bill with a phone number written on it.

Navidad-Hernandez said, "Call me if you need more money," the 14 year old told KUTV-TV.

When the girls got home, they told their father what happened. The dad, whose name was not released, decided to set up a trap and had his 16 year old daughter call Navidad-Hernandez and ask what he wanted.

Navidad-Hernandez allegedly told her that he wanted sex and offered her $30.

The girls' dad called the Orem police department, which helped set up a sting operation. 

According to the police report, the girls planned to meet Navidad-Hernandez at Orem Junior High School. Navidad-Hernandez allegedly said he wanted to bring a friend along.

When the girls arrived at the school's parking lot, police were secretly watching nearby. Navidad-Hernandezand and Javier Santos-Jacobo reportedly drove up and also parked. That's when they were busted.

"When you have two men show up in a car that they say they are going to show up in, and they sit in the parking lot, and they are the only ones there, we knew we had our guys," Orem police Lt. Craig Martinez told KUTV-TV.

Navidad-Hernandez and Santos-Jacobo (pictured) were booked on charges of enticing a minor and sexual solicitation.

Source: KUTV-TV


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