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Utah Dad Scott Mackintosh Wears Cut-Off Shorts to Teach Daughter Lesson in Modesty

In an effort to creatively discipline his daughter, Utah dad Scott Mackintosh took a pair of scissors to his jeans and made “cut-off” shorts, wearing them for a family night out to teach his daughter a lesson in modesty.

According to Mackintosh, his family has strict modesty guidelines rooted in the idea that clothing influences the way people treat each other.

Mackintosh was apparently tired of his daughter’s wardrobe choices, according to their family blog, and decided to take drastic measures in his own clothing.

Just as his family was piling into the car to leave, Mackintosh cut his jeans into shorts and joined them. Originally, both his son and daughter were oblivious, both of them absorbed in their phones.

Both of his children noticed when he got out of the car for dinner, then dragged them along to miniature golfing and a trip for ice cream.

When they arrived at the ice cream booth, Mackintosh’s daughter refused to leave the car and begged to go through the drive-through.

“I don’t think my object lesson of ‘modest is hottest’ made the statement I had intended,” Mackintosh said. “[But] my daughter will always know that her dad … cares about her enough to make a fool out of himself.”

Despite the result, Mackintosh said he’s glad he took a risk and parented “outside the box”.

Sources: KSL, DailyMail


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