'We Are Both Enforcing My Rules': Couple Arrested For Forcing 11-Year-Old Boy To Stand In A Corner, Beating Him Every Time He Moved


Utah woman Amanda Ramirez and her boyfriend Anthony Berardi were charged last month after they beat an 11-year-old boy and made him stand in a corner whenever he was home.

Between October and Nov. 14 last year, the couple reportedly made the boy stand in a corner while he was home, according to court documents. He was only allowed to leave the corner to use the bathroom, eat and go to bed. If he left the corner, Berardi would hit him with a belt or punch him in the head.

According to court documents, Berardi kept a tally of how many times the boy moved. In one incident, the boy was hit 51 times with a belt in one night. The boy stated that his mother watched as Berardi hit him, but didn’t attempt to stop or prevent Berardi from repeating the action, Fox News reports.

“We are both enforcing my rules,” Ramirez said in a statement.

Both Berardi and Ramirez were arrested on Jan. 21 and booked in Salt Lake County Jail. Berardi will be arraigned in Third District Court on Wednesday. Ramirez will appear in court on March 5.

Sources: Fox News, KSL

Photo Credit: KSTU News, Salt Lake County Jail


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