Utah Police Discover Man With Blowtorch, Machete Inside Burning House (Video)


Police in West Jordan, Utah, recently released a body camera video (below) showing officers answering a domestic violence call, which turned out to be a man armed with a blowtorch and a machete in the middle of a house fire on Dec. 31, 2015.

West Jordan Police Chief Doug Diamond told KSL:

[Brandon Morgan] had lit part of the curtains on fire and started the house on fire. A machete in one hand, in his left hand, a blowtorch. He threatened the officers with a machete, officer tased him.

The officers initially didn't even wait to try and handcuff him, but tried to get him out. The officers acted heroically by getting him out of the house with their lives being threatened, too.

"It was a very chaotic situation," Officer Ian Adams told Fox 13. "Initially only two officers arrived and contacted the suspect inside, a third officer arrived shortly thereafter, and those three were engaged in the fight with the suspect inside while the fire was still burning, taking the whole house."

Morgan was transported to a local hospital for smoke inhalation and burns, and, later, booked for aggravated arson, aggravated assault and aggravated cruelty to animals at the Salt Lake County Jail.

Two unidentified family members escaped the fire, but three dogs and a cat died.

The home was reportedly a complete loss, but the family is accepting donations through a GoFundMe page. The family has raised over $2,000 on the site as of Jan. 5.

Sources: GoFundMe, KSL, Fox 13 / Photo Credit: West Jordan, Utah Police Department Screenshot, GoFundMe

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