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Utah Boy Scout Leaders March in Gay Parade, May Lose Membership

Utah Boy Scout leaders Peter Brownstein and Neil Whitaker may lose their memberships for marching in the Utah Pride Parade in Salt Lake City two weeks ago.

The Great Salt Lake Council of the Boy Scouts scolded the two scout leaders for promoting a political position and insisted they apologize.

According to the Associated Press, council leaders wrote to Brownstein: "We were very disappointed that you used Scouting to advance the gay agenda at the Utah Pride Parade. You and others are welcome to participate in the parade as supportive citizens but not as uniformed members of the BSA."

Whitaker wore his scouting uniform, while Brownstein did not.

The two scout leaders do not think marching in the gay pride parade was a political position and will not apologize.

"What we did was carry the American flag proudly at the front of the parade. And having scouts in color guards in parades is as American as apple pie," Brownstein told ABC 4.

Whitaker told The Salt Lake Tribune: "We weren't rallying for a politician or political event. To me, it was being supportive of my fellow human beings."

The group of scouts that marched with Brownstein and Whitaker spanned in age from a retired scoutmaster in his 50s to a 9-year-old scout.

Sources: Associated Press, The Salt Lake Tribune, ABC 4


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