Utah Billboard Companies Reject ‘God Loves Gays’ Sign


An LGBT group hoping to erect a billboard that reads “God Loves Gays” was turned down by Utah’s major billboard companies.

An Internet artist known only as “God” started an Indiegogo campaign to put up “God Loves Gays” signs all over the country. The artist raised nearly $100,000 and has already put up a sign in Topeka, Kan., home of the "God Hates Fags" Westboro Baptist Church.

Mark Lawrence of Restoring our Humanity has been working with the artist to install a sign in Salt Lake City but billboard companies Reagan Outdoor Advertising and Yesco said the top was too controversial.

"Unfortunately, the best locations are owned by the two top ones, Yesco and Reagan," Lawrence told KUTV.

Lawrence said a Reagan representative said "they don't want to offend clients,” noting the signs "are on leased property and they don't want to offend any of their landlords."

Lawrence said he expected resistance but doesn’t understand why the companies allow for anti-LGBT signs.

"You know people have been using God as an assault weapon to attack LGBT people for decades and this is just a simple beautiful message that disarms them and I don't see how people can find that controversial at all," Lawrence said.

Thank you, @TheGoodGodAbove & all His supporters for generously providing this new billboard to the @cityoftopekapic.twitter.com/g5BrHX9VYB

— PlantingPeace (@Planting_Peace) September 8, 2014

Sources: Queerty, Fox San Antonio, KUTV

Image credit: Twitter


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