Caught On Camera: USPS Tossing Packages Out of Car (Video)


A surveillance camera on a Kentucky home caught a USPS worker chucking packages from his car onto the pavement in front of the Georgetown house, instead of getting out of his vehicle.

"The cameras are to catch criminals, not postmen," homeowner Tarry Smith told ABC 36.

One of those packages was an Amazon order, containing a $400 Kindle Fire HD.

"To throw packages out of your vehicle catapult style is a little shocking,” Smith said. “I mean even if they don't ring the door bell, what's the harm in walking 4 or 5 more steps?"

Smith says when his wife complained to the local post office she was brushed off.

So she posted the video on Facebook asking, "Ever wonder why USPS is going out of business?"

“It is very disappointing and does not represent the kind of service we strive to provide our customers,” David Van Allen of USPS Corporate Communications later told ABC 36. “This matter is currently being investigated to determine the appropriate actions taken with regards to the employee and our customer.”

The Smiths say they don’t want the driver to lose his job over the matter.

"What we wanted to come out of this was to make the post office aware that people are watching you," said Smith. “Treat them like good customers, like you want to keep them."

Amazon reportedly told the family that if the Kindle stops working in the future they will replace it and send it to them using a different carrier.

USPS began making Sunday deliveries on behalf of the world’s largest online retailer last year.

Sources: New York Daily NewsABC 36


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