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Used Car Dealer Mohammad Ibrahim Banned in Louisiana

On Monday, the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission ruled that the owner of a used car lot, Value Imports, Mohammad Ibrahim, was banned from selling in Louisiana. The decision took about 10 minutes.

"I know the complaints go back to 2010," said Robert Hallack, an attorney for the used car commission. "He's been ordered now not to operate as a dealer in used cars or to sell used cars as a dealer." Hallack says the Office of Motor Vehicles has a list of the vehicles that are on the lot at Value Imports, so if one is sold they will know.

In one of the many complaints, a woman testified in November 2010 that she bought a 2003 Mercedes from Value Imports in Baton Rouge. Following a dispute, Ibrahim sent an employee to repossess the car. According to state investigator June Powell, the man who repossessed the car was not a licensed agent and it was an illegal act.

Powell says even after she hand delivered Ibrahim a letter in April that his license had been revoked, she found he was still doing business at Value Imports.

On November 10, Powell delivered a cease and desist order to Ibrahim commanding him to quit doing business, again.


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