USC Students Protest, Prepare to Sue School Over Handling of Rape Claims

Droves of students at the University of Southern California gathered Monday to protest the school administration’s handling of sexual assault and rape claims.

“I know more than 10 people at this school who have experienced sexual violence,” protester Francesca Bessey told CBS 2. “I know zero people who have had their cases brought to a position where the rapist faces any sort of disciplinary action whatsoever.”

Student Tucker Reed said she revealed the name of her rapist a few months ago on her blog explaining, “I had nothing left to lose.”

Reed’s attorney said she and a dozen other female students intend to file a Title 9 complaint against USC within a week or so.

"I submitted a binder worth of emails and four taped recordings in which my rapist confesses to raping me," said Reed. No action was taken against the accused rapist, a former boyfriend, who will graduate from the university in two weeks.

In a statement, USC claimed that each case was thoroughly investigated and some resulted in serious sanctions, including expulsion.

The USC Student Coalition Against Rape (SCAR) read a list of demands at the protest. “We believe that USC should be a safe place for all students regardless of gender,” students said. Adding, “Victims of sexual violence should not be assumed to be lying.”

In April, students from Occidental College alleged the college administration covered up or dismissed allegations of rape. One student alleges her rapist was given a five-page book report to write as punishment for his crime. Civil Rights Attorney Gloria Allred represented 37 females who filed a civil rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice against the Los Angeles college.

Sources: Huffington Post


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