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USA Today: “Hollywood Opening Arms to Gay Characters”


In a feature article published in USA Today this morning, reporter Maria Puente explores the evolution of LGBT representation on television and in film.

“Hollywood, which once routinely depicted gay people as miserable, dysfunctional or tragic,” Puente writes, “now produces movies and TV shows — such as this summer’s film The Kids Are All Right, ABC’s Modern Family and Fox’s Glee — in which gay relationships and gay families are portrayed as just like other families — normal, unremarkable, no big deal.”

USA Today is the most widely read newspaper in the country, so it is extremely encouraging to see an article which highlights the new standard in film and television programming – full LGBT inclusion.

The article has attracted some hateful comments by equality opponents on the newspaper’s website, however.

“Isn’t it wonderful that GLAAD has convinced, cajoled, crammed and jammed homosexuality down our throats and into our living room and then said ‘People are now realizing homosexual behavior is normal and they are accepting it’,” writes one reader.

“The last thing we need is more attention put on the freak life-style,” writes another.

The majority of these comments have been left unchallenged by readers.

Take Action!

GLAAD encourages you to read Maria Puente’s article, “Hollywood Now Opening Arms to Gay Characters, Families” and then post a comment on the USA Today website. By voicing your support for LGBT people and their families, you will send a message that LGBT people deserve to be represented in television and on film.


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