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U.S. Veteran Told To Remove American Flag From Front Yard

Tony Cumberworth, a 73-year-old veteran, was told by his homeowner’s association that he would be fined $50 dollars a day if he did not remove the American flag he has flying in his front yard within four days.

“It’s been there 20 years and nobody has ever said a word,” Cumberworth said, as reported by The Blaze. “First [I thought] it was ridiculous. Then I got insulted.” 

Cumberworth researched the provisions of his homeowner’s association agreement and found nothing that forbids residents from flying the U.S. flag.

“I fought for this country,” he said. “My son fought for this country. I do not understand them trying to take away my rights.” 

After Cumberworth received media attention over the incident, his homeowner’s association addressed a letter to him saying it had been wrong.  

“Please disregard the code violation notice,” the message read. “It was sent to your home in error. We truly thank you for your service in Vietnam and your American flag can stay in your yard as long as your desire.”

In 2014, U.S. Marine Gregory Schaffer, 24, was told by town officials that he was in violation of Florida law for having a U.S. flag flying on a flagpole in front of his home, after a neighbor filed a complaint, according to Fox News.

"It's sad," Schaffer said. "It's sad that we have to go through that just to fly a flag. It's disgusting that anybody should have to go through that. I fought for the flag, now I'm paying for the flag.”

Town officials claimed that Schaffer did not have a permit to house the flagpole and, therefore, considered it a violation.

Schaffer said that he rents the property and would have to pay $1,000 to a contractor to apply for the permit.

However, the town has offered to help the Marine with the permitting process so he can keep his flag flying high.

Sources: The Blaze, Fox News

Photo: Wikimedia


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