US Official Says Earth Has Exceeded Sustainable Population Limit


There are currently 6.8 billion people inhabiting this planet, with a net growth of more than 218 thousand per day. With no signs of slowing down, some scientists are now saying that we have officially exceeded our limits of sustainability, and something needs to be done.

"We need to continue to decrease the growth rate of the global population; the planet can't support many more people," Dr. Nina Fedoroff recently told the BBC. Dr. Fedoroff is currently the science and technology advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"There are probably already too many people on the planet,” she went on to say. "We have six-and-a-half-billion people on the planet, going rapidly towards seven. We're going to need a lot of inventiveness about how we use water and grow crops.”

Expanding on this inventiveness, Fedoroff recommended the use of genetically-modified foods.

"We accept exactly the same technology (as GM - genetically modified - food) in medicine, and yet in producing food we want to go back to the 19th Century," she said. "We wouldn't think of going to our doctor and saying 'Treat me the way doctors treated people in the 19th Century, and yet that's what we're demanding in food production.”


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