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U.S. Map Shows What Residents In Each State Buy The Most On Ebay (Infographic)

You can tell a lot about people from the things they buy. But have you ever wondered what residents in your state purchase the most?

Data analysts rounded up eBay’s most popular purchases by state. The map and list were compiled between 2013 and 2014 and adjusted for population, the Daily Mail reports.

The most popular items in California were in high-end women’s apparel and accessories.

New York has among the toughest gun laws in America, but residents bought more firearms and related supplies than any other type of product.

Texas placed tactical and hunting goods on its list, while New Jersey’s most purchased product is men’s fragrances.

But others were just plain weird.

In Oregon, for example, the people’s most popular purchases were surveillance equipment. Delaware, the nation’s “first state,” has been the top buyer of robotic vacuums.

Despite the fact that North Carolina does not have the highest birth rate (that would be Utah, which leads eBay sales in eyewear), the Tar Heel state buys the most baby products, according to eBay’s list.

The company gathered all of its findings and created the map to reveal our odd consuming habits.

Check it out below:

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Sources: Daily Mail,

Photo Credit: Flickr/liewcf


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