U.S. Diplomat Kills Kenyan Man in Car Accident, Not Charged, Rushed Back to U.S.


While the U.S. continues to castigate Russia for granting asylum for whistleblower Edward Snowden, U.S. government officials rushed a U.S. diplomat out of Kenya after he allegedly caused a fatal car accident.

Joshua Walde, an information management officer at the U.S. embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, reportedly crossed the center line at a very high speed in his SUV and crashed into a family's mini-van, killing the father, Haji Lukindo (pictured), on the evening of July 11.

Lukindo's pregnant wife and three children were injured in the accident.

Walde gave a statement to Nairobi police, but was not detained because he has diplomatic immunity, notes the Associated Press.

A police report shown to an Associated Press reporter shows Walde's SUV turning at a four-way intersection and driving into the lane of oncoming traffic. The SUV hit the front corner and side of the mini-bus.

A police officer told the Associated Press: "He was driving very fast."

U.S. Embassy officials in Nairobi quickly rushed Walde and his family out of Kenya the next day.

The victim's family was left with the hospital bills for their injuries and a funeral bill for Lukindo, with no help from the U.S. government.

"The embassy is fully cooperating with the Kenyan authorities as they investigate the accident and work to aid the victims," claimed Hilary Renner, a State Department spokeswoman in Washington D.C.

However, the victim's pregnant widow Latifah Naiman Mariki says she and her three children were almost evicted this week because Lukindo was the only source of income.

"It is difficult for me to handle this matter because my kids need to go to school. They need everything, basic needs," Mariki told the Associated Press. "And we have no place to stay because we have to pay the rent. We have no money... Even if my kids are sick I have no money to take them to hospital."

A Facebook group of Kenyan mothers are trying to raise funds for her.

Source: Associated Press


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